Triton Draught Dispenser

ADAPT is the official distributor of Triton Dispenser for South Africa and Africa.

Get ice cold beer! Each dispenser includes a freezable gel block. Brand these draught dispensers with YOUR logo.

Triton Promo 3L – XL – Min. order: 88 units
(Castle branding pictured.)
Capacity: 3 Litre
Height: 52.0cm

Triton Promo 5L – Min. order: 56 units
(Heineken branding pictured.)
Capacity: 5 Litre
Height: 59.8cm

Triton Sky 5L – Min. order: 40 units
(Budweiser branding pictured.)
Capacity: 5 Litre
Height: 89.7cm


Triton Promo

  • Patented Triton System (hygiene and ease of use)
  • Three taps (simultaneous pour)
  • Free brand decoration
  • Cleaning brush included
  • Cooling Block included (full of freezable gel)
  • Spares programme

Triton Sky

  • Patented Triton System (hygiene and ease of use)
  • Three taps (simultaneous pour)
  • Free brand decoration
  • Cleaning brush included
  • Ice Pitcher included (to cool with ice and water)
  • Spares programme

Patented Triton System – Ease of use and guaranteed hygiene.

The “Patented Triton System” combines two patented qualities which make the Triton tabletop beer dispenser the most hygienic on the market, and give it unique benefits compared to other tabletop dispensers:

Triton CLICK + Triton DISPENSE

= The Patented Triton System

What is a Triton dispenser used for?
It’s a fun way to serve draught beer at the tables of bars or restaurants. A Triton dispenser is portable and becomes a focal point for a party of customers who can enjoy filling their own glasses. Triton Promo, Triton Classic and Triton Sky dispensers have three taps, allowing simultaneous self-service and a lively drinking experience.

Just for beer?
Our dispensers are optimised to serve beer, but they can be used for many other beverages, cold or hot: Cider, wine, cocktails, juices, etc. Triton dispensers are not appropriate for drinks which contain solids (for example fruit pulp) which can clog-up the valves.

What’s the advantage of a Triton dispenser over a jug or a pitcher?
Nobody wants to serve from a pitcher, but everyone wants to pour their own beer from a Triton dispenser. Our dispensers are fun and easy to use. They also capture the customer’s attention, they increase drink turnover and they free-up bar staff for other tasks. Branded Triton dispensers are also an excellent advertising medium for the beer brand and for the drinking venue.

Doesn’t the drink heat up? Doesn’t it lose its fizz?
No. Thanks to the insulating properties of the materials used in the manufacture of our dispensers and the cooling solutions which we offer for all models,Triton dispensers maintain the drink’s temperature and optimum serving quality during the reasonable drinking period.

Are they hygienic?
Yes. We are proud to manufacture the most hygienic tabletop beer dispensers on the market. There is no mouth or hand contact with any of the components designed to come into contact with the drink. Also, our Patented Triton System ensures that all components, both primary and secondary, are accessible and can be taken apart, thus making them easier to clean.

What is the Patented Triton System?
Triton Promo, Triton Classic and Triton Sky dispensers use our Patented Triton System, in other words ease of use and guaranteed higiene. The Patented Triton System was registered in July 2009 in response to feedback from international breweries who sought the highest possible standards in tabletop dispensers, especially relating to ease of use and hygiene. This System allows the user to separate the vessel which contains the beer from the main dispensing mechanisms and from the supporting tripod. The accessibility of these components – together with the fact that they can be taken apart – simplifies washing and avoids bacterial proliferation, which occurs in trapped beer of hard-to-reach corners of traditional beer taps. The Patented Triton System also makes the dispenser much easier to fill and to handle.

Why three taps?
Triton Promo, Triton Classic and Triton Sky dispensers have three taps, allowing simultaneous self-service and a lively drinking experience.

Are they easy to clean?
Yes. All Triton dispensers are designed for easy washing, because all of it’s components are totally accessible and can be dismantled, avoiding any hard-to-reach corners. Our Triton Promo, Triton Classic and Triton Sky dispensers ship with a free Cleaning Brush and a free Professional Cleaning Protocol. For Triton Original we offer optional cleaning accessories.

Are they food-safe?
Yes. We certify that all Triton dispensers comply with the following food-safety legislation for plastics in contact with food:

  • EU. Directive 2002/72/CE and later modifications (2004/1CE, 2004/19CE, 2005/79CE, 2007/19CE, 2008/39CE)
  • Legislation of the United States Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) CFR 21,177.1580
  • The certificates are available for public consultation. Also, all components in contact with drink are free of adhesives or solvents.

Are they durable?
Yes. Triton dispensers are designed for use in tough professional environments and they are built to last. Many of our Triton dispensers are still in use after many years of intensive use in the market.

Can I buy spares?
Yes. In the case of loss or occasional breakage of a component, all parts can be purchased as spares.

What warranty to you offer?
Our dispensers are guaranteed against all defects of manufacture, in materials and workmanship, during a period of one year from date of purchase in any country of the world. Deliveries within the European Union will comply with Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 May 1999.