Retro Chest Cooler

797mm L x 663mm W x 770mm H

100 Litre

96 – 120 x 500ml PET + Ice + Eutectic Plates

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A throwback to the sixties, the Retro Chest Cooler is an elegant and functional design that gives a classic retro look and feel to any space in-store. This is our innovative solution to informal vending!

Small informal shops for self-service sales.


  1. The Retro Cooler does not require direct electricity. (Only the product or eutectic plates inserted into the Retro Cooler need to be pre-cooled by an electrical supply.)
  2. The Retro Cooler does not require any maintenance. It is made from 2 plastic parts (body and hinged lid), and 4 galvanised steel castors, which could be easily replaced.
  3. The Retro Cooler, which holds between 3/4 cases (pack size dependent) is efficient for sales in a small space, rather than an under-utilised fridge.
  4. The Retro Cooler is made of LLDPE plastic, using the seamless process of rotational moulding, and does not go brittle or fade in direct UV sunlight (approx. 10+ years).
  5. The Cooler is supplied on heavy-duty castors for easy portability.
  6. The Retro Cooler’s PU foamed walls offer temperature maintenance of 2-4 days.
  7. The Retro Cooler also uses a “magnetic fridge seal” to ensure a perfect seal every time.
  8. The plastic used is recyclable.
  9. Custom colours & branding available with 5 interchangeable, branding panels.
  10. The eutectic elates are pre-chilled “cooler blocks”, which are reusable and therefore eco-friendly.


  • PU foamed for optimal insulation
  • 4 x castors
  • Recessed back to retrofit wire baskets for merchandising bread, newspapers, sweets, etc.
  • Recessed graphics
  • Drainage plug
  • Magnetic seal for optimal sealing during self-service
  • 6 x Bottle display
  • Bottle opener (optional)