Speed Bar

Size (External):
1440mm L x 750mm W x 1100mm H

2 x Kegs 30L or 50L
1 x Cold Plate & Ice Chute: 15kg Ice or Flash Cooler
1 x 9kg Gas Bottle

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  • Guaranteed Cold Beverages: You can have cold beverages regardless of the fittings that you use.
  • Compact: This is one of the most compact beverage dispensing, mobile trolleys in the world. It combines all the required equipment to dispense COLD beverages within minutes.
  • Reliable Gas Source: In the applications using a gas bottle, the bottle doesn’t touch the ice, so the gas doesn’t cool to liquid.

The Speed Bar is a mobile vending solution with 6 different applications for beverage vending. It’s a generic trolley that can be retrofitted with any of the six sets of equipment, to facilitate the following pouring (or any other application you see fit for your vending solution):

1. PRE-mix Draught from Kegs

  • Holds 2 x 50 litre or 30 litre kegs
  • Cooling mechanism: Cold plate + 16kg ice
  • 6kg Gas bottle

2. PRE-mix Draught with SPEED Pouring

  • Multiple kegs pre-chilled at 2 degrees
  • Integrated cooling system

3. PRE-mix Carbonated Soft Drinks

  • Holds 4/6 x 18 litre kegs
  • Cooling mechanism: cold plate + 16kg ice
  • Gas bottle

4. POST-mix Carbonated Soft Drinks

  • Carbonator and pump
  • Cooling system (eg: cold plate & ice)
  • Water and electrical supply
  • 1 – 4 Syrup boxes
  • Gas bottle

5. Traditional Bar Counter

  • Will complement any of the above serving solutions to create aesthetic uniformity, at your event.

6. Coffee Dispenser

  • Can be retrofitted to house multiple types of coffee dispensing.

Unique Selling Proposition:
Versatile mobile bar for multiple vending applications.


  • Tamper-proof Stainless Steel Lock
  • Umbrella Holders
  • Cup Holders x 2
  • Snapper Frame Graphics
  • Dispensing: Multiple Applications
  • Drainage Plug
  • Single Compartments
  • Easy Manoeuvre Castors
  • Pneumatic Off-road Wheels