If you’re looking for custom branded cooler boxes, (or esky, ice box, or cool box as they’re referred to internationally), ADAPT can supply as many as you need, wherever you need them.

Custom branded cooler boxes as prizes and giveaways

ADAPT is a South African producer of unique, rotationally-moulded, custom branded cooler boxes. We supply the global market with mobile vending products that you won’t find in any retail store. We don’t retail our range, which means our customers get an exclusive cooler box they can use to retail their own products, or they can pass on as prizes, giveaways, incentives, or high-end corporate gifts.

Keep drinks cold for up to 5 days

Our cooler boxes are made of LLDPE heavy-duty plastic. This makes them extremely strong, durable, weather-resistant, and able to keep contents cold from 1 to 5 days. They are rotationally moulded using cast aluminium moulds, which means the finished product is far superior to anything else available. Their details are more refined, which results in a more aesthetically appealing product overall. The advanced hinge system on all products is both tamperproof and extremely durable.

Reduced freight costs

The unique design of ADAPT’s cooler boxes mean they maximise space efficiency and therefore reduce shipping costs, especially notable in the Stackable Cooler Boxes range.

Choose a custom branded cooler box to learn more:

Cooler Boxes
•  30L Stackable Cooler Box
•  Cooler Box (Mini)
•  Bottle Display Ice Box
•  Cooler Box
•  70L Stackable Cooler Box
•  90L Cooler Box
Unique Coolers
•  12 Pack Cooler
•  25L Can Cooler Box
•  Wheelie Sport Ice Box
•  55L Can Cooler Box
•  Wheelie Cooler Box
•  Rolling Beach Bar
•  30L Window Ice Box
•  50L Window Ice Box
•  50L B-Squared Ice Box
Unique / Social Coolers
•  Wine Cooler
•  Cool Bar
•  Bush Box Cooler
•  Ice Box Extreme
•  Party Cooler
•  Retro Chest Cooler