Size (External):
760mm D x 660mm H (with lid)

30 Litre or 50 Litre Keg

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This product is ideal for keg parties, cocktail parties and functions. Easy beverage dispensing for any occasion!

Unique Selling Proposition:
A great social centrepiece from which people can dispense their cold beverages.


  • The Keg Cool is the latest solution for dispensing PRE-CHILLED (refrigerated) kegs of draught beer.
  • OR an AMBIENT keg of draught beer can be inserted with 20kg of ICE and left for 20-24hrs to reduce the beer from 25°C to 4°C.
  • The Keg Cool does NOT require a cold-plate, regulator or gas, but rather works on a standard pressurised keg and a hand pump, attached to a free-flow tap.
  • 1mm UHI acrylic graphic is reverse printed in full colour, and recessed for reduced damage.
  • Custom branding and material colour.
  • Drainage plug for easy cleaning.
  • Dual use handles.
  • Stainless steel free-flow tap.
  • Recessed lid for catching spillage.
  • 2 x Rubber tie-downs.
  • Feet for convenient stacking.
  • Optional wheels for easy manoeuvrability.