4-Quart / Wine Cooler

302mm L x 310mm W x 420mm H

12 Litre

4 x 750ml Wine Bottles + Ice
2 x 750ml Champagne Bottles + Ice


Our 4-Quart / Wine Cooler is a unique unit that’s great for the outdoors, picnics and social gatherings. The 4-Quart / Wine Cooler provides the best insulation and durability, ensuring your beverages remain cold. The 4-Quart / Wine Cooler has a removable lid, so the unit can be used as an ice bucket in a restaurant or café.

Consumer or trade incentives, prizes and corporate gifts.

Unique Selling Proposition:
A great social unit for outdoors, or restaurants or cafés.


  • Rotationally moulded plastic ice box with a retro 10mm solid stainless steel handle.
  • Double-wall plastic, with polyurethane foam for optimum insulation.
  • Durability: Minimum 10 year life span without fading or going brittle.
  • Single compartment with single, removable lid.

Branding Options:

  • Customised material colours and branding available.
  • Reverse Printed acrylic panel (2 sides only – full colour).
  • Mould in graphics on 4 sides (spot colours only).