• Multiple event solutions
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Increase sales

Our event vending equipment can provide multiple solutions for your event, increasing your brand exposure and your product sales. Whether its a corporate event or sports event, Adapt’s vending equipment can provide a complete solution that will leverage your sales and elevate your brand.

Street / Informal Vending

  • Increase sales to the informal sector
  • Tools to create a sustainable business
  • Excellent return on investment

Our equipment can increase sales of your product directly to the informal sector by providing vendors with the tools to create their own sustainable business. An investment in our mobile carts and coolers will provide a return in a short space of time while creating brand awareness and increasing your market share.


Consumer Incentives

  • Open display units for in-store promotions
  • Create consumer incentives and increase sales
  • Corporate gifts
  • Extend your brand into the consumer’s home

Our wide range of exciting and aesthetically pleasing vending products can be used to incentivise your business to business or business to consumer sales. Create consumer sales incentives directly to your customer by offering one of our products as a corporate gift and increase the mindshare of your brand in your customer’s home.

Trade Incentives

  • Create incentives between dealers and retailers
  • Make your sales their number one objective
  • Our products make great prizes
  • Maximise profits

Do you want dealers, retailers, or your own outlet staff to have your number one sales objective as their number one sales objective? Target your retailers and wholesalers by creating trade incentives around your product and brand, increasing your sales, adding value and maximising your profits.