Multi-Temp Delivery Bike Box

Size (external):
654mm L x 514mm W x 457mm H

Size (internal):
351mm L x 421mm W x 310 mm H (large compartment)
141mm L x 421mm W x 362mm H (small compartment)


• Cold Plate + Ice Creams / Milkshakes
• 6 x Pizza Boxes



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The Multi-Temp Delivery Bike Box is a FIRST, offering the delivery of 2 products, in the same box, at different temperatures. Eg: HOT pizza’s and COLD drinks/milkshakes/ ice-creams. This heavy-duty box is doublewalled with Polyurethane foaming for optimum strength and insulation, whether HOT or COLD. You can include a Eutectic/ Cold Plate for increased temperature maintenance, if required.


  • DUAL insulated home delivery insulated motorbike box to carry HOT & COLD products simultaneously.