Product Name Ice Cream Push Cart 160L Tilted Ice Cream Cart 160L Ice Cream Mini Kart Multi-Temp Delivery Bike Box Ice Cream Cooler Box 160L Ice Cream Cooler Box 80L Ice Cream Cooler Box 60L Ice Cream Hip Cooler Tricycle
Product Code ADA0135 ADA0134 ADA077 ADA0127-1 ADA0136 ADA043 ADA064 ADA044 ADA070
Capacity 160 Litre 160 Litre 60 Litre 160 Litre 80 Litre 60 Litre 20 Litre 60L / 80L / 90L
Size (External) 1080mm L x 700mm W x 1110mm H 950mm W x 690 x 1226mm H 700mm L x 640mm W x 980mm H 654mm L x 514mm W x 457mm H 880mm L x 630mm W x 640mm H 660mm L x 520mm W x 580mm H 660mm L x 515mm W x 550mm H 420mm L x 330mm W x 320mm H 1900mm L x 800mm W x 1070mm H
USP This heavy-duty trolley is a combination between the Ice-Cream Box 160 and either galvanised/ powder-coated coloured metal frame with 2 x 250mm wheels & 160mm castors for easy moving around events, beaches, etc. A heavy-duty solution used in tough, pot-holed terrain. A galvanised metal frame with 350mm diameter wheels allows for an ‘easy push’ over most rugged terrain. 4 wheels for easy maneuverability. 80-120mm PU foamed for optimal insulation (min. 12hrs – Independent temperature (-23°C). Test results on request.). The Multi-Temp Delivery Bike Box is a FIRST, offering the delivery of 2 products, in the same box, at different temperatures. Can be retrofitted to a tricycle. Can be retrofitted to a tricycle. Double-hinged attached lid. Can be retrofitted to a tricycle. Small, compact, easy, ice cream vending solution.