Freezer and Eutectic Plates

  • Size (External):
    • 1610L x 740W x 900H
  • Size (Internal):
    • 1445L x 405W x 720H

    400 Litre

Other Features and Accessories:

  • Eutectic plates (reusable)
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Unique Selling Proposition:

This 400L Freezer is used to freeze your Eutectic Plates, which are used as an alternate to ‘wet’ ice for maintaining the temperature of your ice-cream in your cooler box. The temperature can go down to -40 Degrees Celsius to freeze your Eutectic Plates (-26 degrees Celsius) within 24 hours. The freezer is made of an inner & outer powdercoated chromo deck casing. It has an 80mm Polyurethane insulation for minimum electricity consumption. It is an environmentally friendly refrigerator that is CFC free.


Eutectic Plates Size:
EP4222: 420mm x 220mm x 30mm H
EP3723550: 370mm x 235mm x 50mm H
EP3042: 420mm x 300mm x 35mm H
EP2542: 420mm x 250mm x 30mm H
EP3032: 320mm x 300mm x 40mm H