• Innovative mobile vending solutions
  • Multiple applications in formal and informal sectors
  • Flexible solutions for all needs
  • Superior product quality
  • Integrated, innovative design
  • Advanced hinge system is tamper-proof
  • Reduced freight costs via optimal packing design

With multiple applications, from informal vending all the way through to high-end corporate gifts, incentives and prizes, Adapt provides a flexible solution to all your mobile event vending and event branding needs.

Our products are made from cast aluminium moulds, as opposed to steel fabricated moulds, thus offering a far superior quality, greater detail and more aesthetically appealing end product.

The integrated innovative design offers both an aesthetically appealing product and one that is extremely durable. The advanced hinge system on all products is both tamperproof and extremely strong, as opposed to other hinge systems which are easily tampered with and broken.

Our advanced product design has incorporated the single biggest cost of rotationally moulded products, namely the cost of freight, by offering optimal packing into a container to minimise freight costs. Our Stackable Cooler Boxes are a prime example of this optimisation!